Thursday, August 6, 2009

Welcome to my humble establishment

... And one day I discovered that I was suprisingly absent from the more and more interesting discussions concerning 'the games' taking place @theinternets. So I decided to flood comment sections of a wide variety of intelligent blogs and figured I might as well start a blog to give my new found hobby (which is the flooding part) some legitimacy. I also figured that this way I myself would get more comments for my blog--but alas, as evident as it is I still have to admit that this is a post-hoc explanation--since being legitimate is such an important thing for me to concern myself with.

So here *I* am, and without going further into some rambling about intentional fallacies, 'if a tree falls in the forest' and my thoughts on having used a symbol for which I have no name (*) in the sentence above, I shall take my temporary leave and wish all of us the best of luck. The world of video games is an amazing one, chock-full of mysteries which I hope we continuously will try to unravel. Hopefully we get lost along the way and find some insights while we're at it.

Read you around, internets!


  1. Welcome to the confabulation, Ava!

  2. Didn't decide, so you can choose my salutation:

    1) Your presence has been noted.

    2) Consider yourself at home.
    Consider yourself one of the family.
    We've taken to you so strong,
    It's clear we're going to get along.

    Consider yourself well in.
    Consider yourself part of the furniture.
    There isn't a lot to spare.
    Who cares? Whatever we've got, we share!