Saturday, June 18, 2011

Not-games, player privilege and counter-gaming

Some links with thoughts concerning the state of affairs of video games, what they are, what they're supposed to do, and how player expectation and privilege can be subverted; as dialogue, as not-fun, as anti-commercialism.

"‘Fun’ is a blunt weapon used to injure and exclude. Please take your ‘fun’ elsewhere." -- Stephen Lavelle

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Unnerving/frightening/horror experiences

This is a list with the video games that has scared the most shit out of me. Most of these are not classic horror games with monsters, bur rather disconcerting experiences which through questions, atmosphere, and play make for the most interesting scares I've gotten. My favored type of horror puts the player in the dawning realization of being the evil or going someplace bad with no choice except to comply. It plays with dissolution of identity, of losing sense of self in a world where there is barely any certainty as it is. It makes you ponder your place in the universe, or tries to psyche you out with confused realities. But it also makes you fear the next door, the next hallway, and the next apparition. The games are arranged by category, and the top positions in each category are not necessarily the best games of those mentioned, but the ones that uses what the category implies in interesting ways to frighten.

Perhaps the best horror series ever, in par with silent hill, which only gets
better with every game and deserves special attention:

Subdued angst: (The Marionette) (Judith)

Existential displacement:

Twisted, uncanny, disgusting and freudian: (All Our Friends Are Dead/Au Sable)

Psychological:,993 (Mental Repair Inc)

Mind games



Nightmarish confusion (Time Fcuk) (Covetus) (La La Land Series) (7 Minutes)

Atmospheric otherworldliness (Beautiful Dungeoneer)

Disconcerting/surreal (Mondo Medical) (Edmund) (Evidence of Everything Exploding)

Exploration based fear


I do recommend you trying some of these out, most of them are short
indie games which do not take more than half an hour to complete.