Thursday, November 7, 2013

Feminist games?

A first attempt toward a feminist video game compilation. Comments are very much welcome. I'm not sure how to classify the games, really, but I'll give it a try, for clarity.

Games by trans people with trans themes:

Kims Story:


Intake/Ten/Fall/Closet (Maddox Pratt)

Lim/Brace/A Synchronous Ritual/Terf War (Meritt Kopas)

BDSM Practices:

Encyclopedia Fuckme and the Case of the Vanishing Entree (Anna Anthopy)

(Autumn Nicole Bradley)


Galatea/The First Draft of the Revolution/Alabaster (Emily Short) Gender inversions, women in an oppressive world of men trying to find agency, and discussions of subject/object positions.

* Porpentine is a transgendered feminist video game artist with a lot to say about the state of games and gender issues, if not always very clearly, as is the case of Howling Dogs which has gotten quite a lot of attention and has inspired other feminist video game creators

* Experiment in queer fighting game mechanics: Queer Power (Molleindustria)

* To My First Born Son (increpare), a tribute to feminism and the future sons of the world.

Critiques/subversions of stereotypical masculinity and some problems these pose
Silent Hill 2/Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

(Jonathan Blow)

Silent Hill 3/Silent Hill (not really sure there's anything remotely feminist going on there, but I did enjoy the games very much!)

The Path
(Tale of Tales)

Diverse sexualities:

* Homosexual couple therapy anyone? Radiator 2: Handle With Care (Robert Yang) is your game!

* Gone Home, which amongst other things tells the story of homosexual, teenage, awakening and love.

Games with well-written and/or strong female characters:

* Protagonists
Life Flashes By (Deirdra Kia)

The Longest Journey

Beyond Good And Evil

Cirque de Zale
(Rebecca Clements) 

(Lively Ivy/Erin Robinson)

Nelly Cootalot
(Alasdair Beckett)

Blackwell (series)
(Dave Gilbert)

* Antagonists

Portal 1&2

System Shock 2

* Other

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords, which has Kreia, who is a totally awesome mentor and one of the most interesting characters in all video games I've played.

which if I remember correctly has well-written female characters in general.

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