Thursday, December 17, 2015

The True Indie Test

Which games should I pay for? Which developers should I support financially? I hardly buy every game I try out, or even every game I actually complete and/or enjoy. I'm not very rich and certainly feel I have other things to spend money on, and do not believe I shouldn't play games I'm not willing to pay for. But I do feel I should have some system for determining which games I definitely should buy, and I kinda have one. It's not without its own problems, but by necessity it kinda just works. Here goes: If a game seems interesting enough and isn't available at the largest torrent site in the world, then I will pay for it gladly. This makes it so that I give all potentially good games a fairer shake (I get to play more games), and it probably also means that I support indie developers who are really small and thus really need supporting. What about all the other cases though, like when a game is "pay what you want" or something else? In those instances I just go by a case to case basis.

My latest purchases made with the described True Indie Litmus Test were A Good Gardener (having played their game Little Party I just couldn't resist) and We Know The Devil (although I'm getting tired of visual novels I do still play them and this one seemed awesome enough). Let's finish up this videogaming year by playing these, shall we?

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