Saturday, November 28, 2015



I just started listening to a bunch of video game podcasts. So there will be more recommendations coming from these in the future, if I decide to keep up with posting them here.


"I never realized I was playing a girl, because, you know, you never speak."
- On The Swapper, from a Moving Pixels Podcast

our main topic is bodies as a locus of morality in games, particularly sections where control is taken away from bodies and they are destroyed in a spectacle, which at the same time is the outcome of a moral judgment, such as at the end of a duel, like in Mortal Kombat‘s ‘finish him/her’ sections. Besides that, we talk about Darren Korb‘s music in Bastion and Transistor, and a variety of other games.


Main topic: Police in games, Battlefield: Hardline, and others.


Oscar highlights some of the ways in which musical themes are used to tie the various Blizzard game universes together.


Basically all of the Moving Pixels Podcasts.

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